Friday, February 27, 2009

A New Group of PE Kids

This week we switched rotations. The students who were attending PE went to Music. The students who were in Health came to PE!!! Yeah! I'm so glad to see these kids. It's been a few months!

Some of the classes have already learned a simplified version of the Cha Cha Slide. Lots of fun!
Next week we'll add the grapevine and really get a workout. I haven't found any really great instructional videos for this slide, but here's the official video. It shows small snapshots of the steps.
*Remember to get your parent's permission before clicking on this link.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Fun, New Warm-Up

We started learning a new warm-up today! It's the Turbo Hustle.
You can go to this link to see step-by-step instructions.
Make sure you have your parents permission first.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Winter Fitness at Legacy!

So much has happened in the gym during the last term! Here are some of the units the students have been working on:

1st grade - r.a.d.KIDS, Jumping Rope, Ball Skills

2nd & 3rd grades - Basketball Skills, Scooterball, Jumping Rope

4th grade - r.a.d.KIDS, Hockey Skills

5th & 6th grades - Weight lifting for kids, Jumping Rope, Basketball skills, Hockey Skills

We've also been speed walking or jogging slowly, playing short games or doing military count exercises for warm-ups. Fun stuff and good for the body and mind.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

PE Passion!

Hey Students!

This year has started off with some really fun stuff, eh? I'm having a great time, so I hope you all are, too!

Here are some of the units of study we've been working on so far...

1st grade - Perceptual Power, Locomotor movements

2nd grade - Having a Ball with ball skills

3rd grade - Scoopball

4th grade - Softball skills, Scoopball

5th grade - Hockey

6th grade - Softball skills, Mojo Kickball (see this link for a YouTube video of the craziness!!!

All the students have been memorizing and perfecting some Yoga poses, and have played a few great "Noodle Games." Go Asteroids and Anklebiters!!!

See you in the gym!
Welcome to the Legacy P.E. Blog!! I'm Mrs. Carter, the Physical Education Specialist at Legacy.

It's time to begin another school year and I am excited to see your children come to the gym for P.E. Each child will come to P.E. twice during the school year for approximately 6 weeks each time. We'll be working to improve flexibility, strength, endurance and physical skills.

First and Fourth graders will also be taught a wonderful and empowering personal safety program called r.a.d.KIDS. (See for more information)

This year I'll be using a new grading scale. Each day of P.E. students will receive 4 points (20 points per week) based on the following areas:

1 point = Proper footwear (Students are required to wear footwear appropriate for PE activities. Proper footwear are shoes that cover the heels and toes and don't slip off during activities such as kicking or sprinting.)

1 point= Attentiveness (Students are required to be still and listen while I am talking to the class.)

1 point = Participation (Students are required to participate in the activites of the day. Standing off to the side or otherwise not following directions is not allowed.) 1 point = Effort (Students are required to consistently try to improve their strength, flexibilty,endurance and skill.)

Check your child's PowerGrade account frequently to see how they are doing.

Mojo Kickball

Monday, September 3, 2007

Algorithm March! with Ninjas!

Hi kids and parents!

Here is a video of the Algorithm March the 3rd-6th graders are learning in PE as part of our "rythmn and movement curriculum". Okay, is dance, I admit, but it's SO fun, isn't it? You are all awesome!! I love teaching you during PE Specialty time. You are all good sports and give your best effort and I really appreciate that.